Stand Up Paddle Boarding Specialists


Oceanriders Stand-Up Paddling and Boards are the BEST!
We live to SUP, and we know it better than anyone else. We offer the best in sales, hiring of SUP’s and lessons in South Africa. We were originally established in 2010 by Chris & Greg Bertish, we LOVE introducing people to the amazing world of Stand-up Paddling.

Stand-up Paddling is the fastest growing water sport in the world. Find out more about the amazing world of Stand-up Paddling. Try it out, rent a board or an inflatable for a weekend. Buy a board with US! Come on take the plunge, ride with us or have a look through this site…

It’s MUCH easier than you think. We will make it our challenge to have you up and paddling within your first hour! First learning in the canals, falling in won’t be an often problem.

Whether you are looking to buy your first SUP board or upgrade to a better one, we can get you a top of the line new or used SUP for the best price around. If you just want to give it a try or take it to the next level, we offer rental and demo boards as well as lessons for first-time users.

We want you to experience the walking on water feeling. Learn to love the water sport and enjoy the art of riding the calm waters of the lagoons, dams, canals or our personal favourite the ocean.

Click through the website to find out what best suits you the most. Come paddle through the many options below, depending on where you are situated or even if you are just on holiday!

Where do we offer lessons?

Cape Town

  • Clifton (In Season)
  • Intaka
  • Muzinberg


  • Ushaka
  • Addington Beach


  •  Emmerentia Dam

We also do – Demo days, kids parties, team building exercises, sundowner paddles and more…

A bit about one of the of the founders, our very own legend and champion.

Spearheading Oceanriders is Greg Bertish, who has been part of the SUP scene in South Africa since 2007. A Coreban team rider and ambassador.
Winner of the 2008, 2009 and 2010 Coreban Summer Series; 2009/10 Downwind Series, 2011 Down Wind Dash, 2011 Battle of The Bay; SA Protea team member for the SUP World Champs in Peru 2012, and an all-around lover of anything Ocean and SUP.

Enjoy… Come free your body, mind and soul and let the ocean put a smile back on your face because that’s what is all about.