Chris Bertish at Mavericks 2014

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Oceanriders Represents at MAVERICKS


Mavericks 2014:

Chris Bertish of Oceanriders,  leaves Cape Town at 10 pm  yesterday, flies  via London to San Francisco , and drives up to Mavericks all in 36 hrs.

He arrived 5 hours ago- is sleeping and dreaming BIG right now. He will wake shortly, stretch, oull on his suit and vest, eat a CLIFF Power Bar, walk down to the Ocean and will then paddle out in the first heat of the day,  into what could be 50 foot surf.

He will represent South Africa , along with Oceanriders Mate,  Grant TWIG Baker , and we know these two previous winners , will be in the MIX in every heat and on every wave.

WATCH LIVE – from 5.45 pm ( TODAY) RSA time at

GO Chrispy, Go Twig … lets see you BOTH in the Final!