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Sold-Out Sharkspotters Fundraiser | R57 340 Raised

Oceanriders were proud to sponsor and help organize The Sharkspotter Fundraiser.

Founder of Sharkspotters, Greg Bertish along with  Nik Rabinowitz and Deon Bing  hit the stage and together with the following Sponsors, were able to raise R57340

Andrew Cooper – Painting

Lifestyle Surf Shop – Airbrushed Longboard

Coreban and Xpression SUP – Hampers

Great White Surf- Skateboards, hampers and goods

Van Hunks Boarding -= Paddles and a Skateboard

Surf Emporium – learn to Surf lessons

Garys Surf School – learn to surf vouchers

Corner Surf Shop – R1000

Dale Steyn –  Signed Cricket Shirt

Primi Piati – Meal Vouchers

True Blue Travel – SUP Paddle

Ta da Coffee Bar – Hosting, and Meal Vouchers

Thank You all for supporting and being there and BIG thanks to Nik Ribinowitz, Deon Bing , Ta Da and the Sharkspotter Crew.

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