Greg Bertish Demos the new 2016 Van Hunks Full Carbon Paddle.

Greg Bertish Demos the new 2016 Van Hunks Full Carbon Paddle.

Greg Bertish tries out the new 2016 Van Hunks Full Carbon paddles in a 20knot down winder from Millerton to Blouberg and he LOVES it.

We asked Greg a few questions; see what he has to say below –

What were you thoughts on the paddle?69fba6d3-8ad2-4f44-845b-f4a8e8bef754

“At between R2500.00 – R2900.00 this paddle falls in a very good price range for a full carbon paddle. I was expecting a medium ranged paddle but was so pleasantly surprised, this paddle is super light and super responsive. And really is one of the best paddles I have used.”

What do you like most about the paddle?

“I thought the blade size was perfect for a downwind, flat water paddling and possibly even for waves. So it can be used in all three disciplines, so if you have to buy one paddle this paddle blade size is perfect. The paddle generates a lot of power and there is a bit of flex in the shaft but it is quiet stiff, which I like. It tapers to the end and gives a great hand hold.”

How would you compare this paddle to other paddles in a similar or higher price range?

“This paddle is value for money under R3000.00, it is probably the best value for money paddle and quality in the market. The finishes are superb, the power generated and the lightness is amazing. So I would say for that price you can’t go wrong, it is in the category of paddles that cost a couple thousand more.”

Would you recommend the paddle?

“I would definitely recommend the paddle and will be using it again! Thanks again to Van Hunks.”